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Walnut Earrings

Walnut Earrings
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Walnut and Fire Oxidized Copper Earrings with Sterling Silver.

This beautiful Black Walnut came from an old friend's Walnut farm on Mt. baker. I hand turned the wood on a lathe, sand to 500 grit and finished with my natural beeswax and coconut oil small batch wood finish. I rolled the copper through a mill with a friend's handmade paper to texture the metal. I hand punched the disks and paint a patina on with fire for the beautiful and brilliantly colored finish.

These one of a kind earrings are light and comfortable and made to be worn and enjoyed for many years!

The wood disks are just under 2" wide

All is handmade from start to finish. Because of this and because of the variation in wood grain, each piece is unique and slightly different. The materials and size will be the same unless you request otherwise.