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About Me

Adonia Lee


Coming from Neah Bay Washington, I was exposed to woodworking throughout my childhood.  My father and uncles carved traditional masks, totems, canoes, paddles and bent boxes.  Although I didn't imagine myself becoming a woodworker, and in fact didn't start working with wood until my early twenties, I have always known the importance of Northwest woods to our Makah tribe.


In 1999 I began a two year woodworking program at College of the Redwoods.  Bodega Bay woodturner, Jerry Kermode,  gave a workshop on woodturning at our school and I fell in love with the lathe.

I was honored to recieve a full scholarship from Sam Maloof to attend a Summer workshop with David Ellsworth and Gary Knox Bennett at Anderson Ranch, Colorado -Woodturning and Furniture Making: A Collaboration.  

I've been fortunate to study with amazing woodworkers in my lifetime and have enjoyed teaching workshops as well.  Being able to pass on a love for woodturning while watching kids hone their skills and discover their creativity has been a joy.



I started mixing different elements into my woodworking early on.  So many natural materials complement wood.  I've spent the last 14 years developing my silversmith work and have a metalsmith studio where I often focus on jewelry making and mixing metalwork with my wood art.


My home and shop overlook the San Juan Islands.  My work is a reflection of the beauty that surrounds me. I find inspiration in my Makah Native culture where many of my family and friends are also amazing artists.

I'm in my twenty-second year of woodworking and yet feel like I've only begun.  I'm delighted to still be discovering new woods, techniques and endless possibilites for design.

My primary source of material is driftwood from the beaches around my home.  Many of my turnings are inlaid with various stones and abalone as well as precious metals.  

As a mom and artist I care about the impact I have on this earth and make an effort to tread lightly while bringing out the beauty these salvaged trees offer behind the bark. I'm a mom to two amazing kids who often share my shop space and inspire me daily.