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Turquoise Cuff

Turquoise Cuff
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Reticulated Silver takes patience and skill. It's a process of heating and reheating Sterling Silver over and over to separate the copper alloys from the silver. Once separated, I carefully bring the silver surface to a molten liquid and move it around the piece to create moon like craters. The laborious process is so worth it when you're able to produce such beautiful and unique textures. These one of a kind creations are impossible to replicate and you never quite know what to expect.

This stunning Reticulated Sterling Cuff is set with a gorgeous hand cut Bao Canyon Turquoise stone. I added silver beads and a patina that frame this Turquoise masterpiece to give it a royal setting that it deserves.

This medium cuff can gently be opened or closed to fit larger or smaller wrist but should not be readjusted once it's to your size, as metals can weaken with too much movement.

I handcrafted this piece in my studio with care to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime and more.