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Maple burl bowl

Maple burl bowl
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It's hard to find any wood more beautiful than a highly figured Spalted Maple. The spalting happens with the right temperature and humidity and lots of patience. It often takes years to achieve but when a fungus takes over the wood and you dry it and turn it at just the right time, the black lines form natural patterns that turn the wood into another level of artwork. this particular piece has spectacular spalting throughout it with a small natural live edge lip giving it ever more character.

This piece of wood came from Mt Baker and was cured for years before turning. I handturned this on my woodlathe and sanded it to 600 grit and added my small batch beeswax and coconut oil wood-finish to protect it. It's made to be utilized and enjoyed for many years.

This bowl measures 7 1/4 x 3 1/4"